Justin in three words: persistent, steady, hilarious!

Ashley, here! I met Justin at college one day after Bio 100 when he sat down by me and proceeded to ask me about my study skills. Not the way little 5-year-old me pictured meeting my husband, but hey, it worked out! Our time getting to know each other was both amazing and challenging, and I had the opportunity to learn some crucial things about Justin. I think the most important thing I've learned about him: Justin is COMMITTED!

Since we've been married, he has continued to prove that to me in word and action. Justin is a man of daily deeds. He is consistent and dedicated like no one I have ever met! (Boy, do I wish I was more like him in that respect!) All of that paired with his quick sense of humor...we'll just say he sure is a good fit for me!

A little know fact about Justin...hmmm... He has a tender heart (that's not the surprise...), so tender, in fact,  that he is the type of person that catches and releases bugs that get into the house. (And if he absolutely has to kill it, he apologizes first. <3)

Finally, here are some fun facts about Justin!

Favorite Food: Seafood

Job: Supervisor - Senior Missionary Office Training 

Geeky Loves: Zelda, Legend of Korra (and Avatar, of course), anything by Brandon Sanderson

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Hobbies: Hiking, woodworking, home improvement, reading, audiobooks


“We must let go of the life we planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
— Joseph Campbell